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Physiotherapy Treatment for Back Pain, London

Most people ignore the lower back pain, hoping it is just a result of exertion and will go away with rest. What we fail to understand is that back pain is body’s indication which lets us know something is wrong and needs to be corrected. People who usually have an office job and who sit in front of a computer for around eight hours a day are more prone to back injuries. It happens because they rarely take breaks between the long sitting hours. Usually, what happens is that they are so involved in work that they get up only to eat lunch or attend meetings. This static or not so active lifestyle can lead to cervical or back pain problem. Non-movement can also cause muscle atrophy and place stress on the lumbar spinal discs. It is a clear-cut indication that you need to work on your daily schedule and adopt a healthy lifestyle. It is good to walk few miles a day and even when you are at the office, try not to sit in one position for a long time. Get up from your seat every twenty minutes or take short breaks. Other than this, perform exercises and eat healthily, these small but important lifestyle changes can do wonders for your health. Physiotherapy treatment for Back pain is also considered very effective.

What steps should be taken to avoid back pain?

It is important to take a break every twenty minutes, as it will keep your body relaxed. You should make it a habit to get up from your seat, walk around and then stretch for a minute. Standing desks are a good idea if you have them in your office make maximum use of them. Working while you stand, may sound bit odd, but it has numerous health benefits attached to it, and once you are accustomed to it, you will start enjoying it.

If the nature of your job is something that doesn’t allow you to take breaks or involves long meetings or public dealings all across the day, you should be on your toes during weekends. It may seem tempting to stay indoors and rest, but your body needs a movement to stay healthy and fit. You can take to some weekend road biking or swimming activity.

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