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How Physiotherapy Can Help You Recover from Car Accident Injuries

Car accident injuries can often have long-lasting effects. Even minor injuries that may seem negligible can later manifest itself in more severe ways. If you were in a vehicle collision, you may have experienced a whiplash injury that can be quite painful and can have adverse effects if not treated properly. Physiotherapy is commonly prescribed to allow people to recover from these injuries after the initial treatments and medications. In West London, physiotherapy services can be availed at both clinics and in private to help you recover faster from your injuries.

Car Crash Injuries Explained

There are multiple factors that determine the severity and type of car crash injuries. It depends if the collision was a front-end crash or a rear-end crash. Often those involved in an accident may not feel the pain until it has been a few days. Whiplash injuries are common in case of rear-end crashes where another speeding vehicle hits your car from the rear. In this case, as soon as the collision occurs, the head and the torso is thrown back into the seat. Then after the initial impact, the head snaps forward, and the torso rebounds. This causes massive back and neck injuries. The pain may not be felt at that moment because of the adrenaline surge. These injuries also often go unreported since the crash and go unnoticed until itadverse effects of the injury starts to show.

Similar injuries happen no matter how your car was involved in a collision. Not having the seatbelt on causes much more severe cases. Collisions cause sudden movements in the body and can seriously hurt the joints. The back and the neck are particularly vulnerable spots. Besides that, the knees, elbows, rib cages are also prone to injury in a crash. Damage to ligaments and muscles are quite common too.

Car crash injury has a lot in common with the injuries seen in contact sports. So, if you have been in a car crash, no matter how minor, do get yourself checked. Moreover, you should also consult a physiotherapist as soon as possible to help you recover from the injuries.

What Are the Symptoms of Car Crash Injuries?

As mentioned before, not everyone can report all the injuries suffered in a car crash. Often, if you have injured yourself in multiple areas, you may not report the injuries that are less painful. The nervous system has a way of inhibiting the pain signals from injuries that are less severe. So, you may get treated for a broken leg, but your back injury may not manifest itself unless it has been a couple of days.

If you have experience whiplash injuries, you will also experience blurred vision, momentary dizziness, loss of balance, irritability, trouble focusing, sleeping and so on. After the initial treatment, you will be prescribed physiotherapy.

How Physiotherapy Helps

Physiotherapy helps you to deal with soft tissue damage, muscle damage and helps you to recover mobility after having broken a bone. Physiotherapy in case of car crash injuries mainly involves exercise therapy and electrotherapy along with massaging. These techniques will alleviate the pain from the injuries and even slowly restore the mobility. Taking medicine alone will suppress the pain temporarily, but not provide any permanent solution. So, physiotherapy must be taken along with anti-inflammatory drugs or muscle-relaxing medications. This will reduce the pain and stiffness in joints much faster. Hence, it is advised to start physiotherapy as soon as possible while recovering from car crash injuries.

If you are near West London, physiotherapy is available at multiple clinics. You can also ask your treating doctor, or you can look up www.physiosnearme.com for a complete list of certified individuals who offer physiotherapy in your area.

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