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How to become a physical therapist?

With different kinds of healing practices taking centre stage in people’s lives, becoming a physical therapist is not only a lucrative career option but it is also a more enhanced way of taking care of more people. And if you’re near West Kensington London, the services of a physical therapist are always in demand. In this article, you will come to know how to become a highly efficient and successful physical therapist.

Qualifications and Certifications

You need to have certain kinds of educational degrees and certificates along with memberships to be a professionally qualified physical therapist. Even for entry level jobs, you need certain basic qualifications to be eligible to practise.

Graduation/Post-Graduation: You need to have a B.Sc degree Physiotherapy and before that you need to have at least three A-levels including biological science and Physical Education. Along with that, you must have studied five GCSES’s including mathematics, English and one science subject. Accelerated two-year Master’s Degree courses are available for students with relevant undergrad degrees.

Apart from these qualifications you can also get have others such as a science-based access course, relevant NVQ, equivalent Scottish or Irish qualifications and so on.

Whatever course you undertake, always ensure that it is recognized by the health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). In order to start practising as a physical therapist, you must register yourself with the HCPC.

Soft skills: No job is complete without the relevant soft skills. How useful are soft skills for a physiotherapist? Turns out, very. You can’t be an excellent physio unless you have and exhibit the inner caring parent version towards your patients. Being good at communications with patients of all ages is important to establish rapport and build up confidence. This way your patients can safely trust you and will feel comfortable in your presence.

Secrecy and confidentiality: Since you will be spending regular hours with your patients, it is essential for you to maintain absolute confidentiality about the information shared with you. Being chatty is good enough to keep the flow going and maintain a relaxed atmosphere, but be careful to not indulge in gossip or talk about other patients with names.

Empathy: Being a healthcare professional requires you to be very patient as it involves you listening to other people’s pains, notwithstanding its magnitude. It doesn’t matter if you went bankrupt that same morning when your patient was cribbing about back pains that refuse to go. Attending to your patient’s concerns is your topmost priority. Never say anything negative or anything that might make your patient lose confidence in the whole healing process.

Know your job well: It’s important to be updated of all the latest technologies and methods in your area. It helps you perform your job better and be in the good books of your employers. Know when to stop or discontinue. Advise your patients well and don’t just try to prolong sessions unnecessarily.

Maintain your contacts: In order to maintain your job and a consistent work profile, do not taint your terms with anyone unless it’s a grave offence or if you have been subjected to mistreatment.

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