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Top tips for a healthy life

Health is the greatest wealth – It is an old saying but holds true to everyone. As per Private Physiotherapy in St John's Wood, if you want to have a happy life, the major requisite for it is you should be healthy and fit. What can you do to stay healthy? Is eating on time good? Is eating a healthy diet beneficial or you should follow an exercising routine? Let’s find answers to all these questions:

Eat a variety of foods: We should eat a variety of foods to stay healthy, this is because we need different nutrients to stay fit and no single food can provide them all. It is not only about a single meal, but about a balanced diet that makes all the difference. Your breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day, lunch should be medium, and dinner should be light – and it should be a combination of different nutrients.

Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and fiber content. You should eat at least five servings of fruits in a day. Take a glass of fresh juice in the morning; take an apple or some other fruit as a snack and green leafy vegetables with each meal.

Replace saturated with unsaturated fat: Fats are important for good health and proper functioning of the body. However, too much fat is not good. It is important to limit the consumption of saturated fats and avoid Trans fats – if you are doubtful to read the labels before buying the products.

Reduce sugar and salt intake: As per Private Physiotherapy clinics in St John's Wood high salt intake can lead to high blood pressure and may increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. In the same way, eating a lot of sugary foods must be avoided because they are rich in energy.

Control the portion size: Apart from eating a variety of foods, it is important to control the portion size. Skipping meals can cause out-of-control hunger often leading to helpless overeating. You can snack between the meals but snacking should not replace proper meals. If you feel hungry between meals eat dry fruits, it will keep your stomach full for a longer time. Paying attention to the portion size will prevent you from consuming too many calories without choosing between the foods.

Maintain a healthy body weight: As per Private Physios, St John's Wood the right weight depends on some factors such as gender, height, and age. Being overweight can cause a lot of health problems and diseases such as diabetes, heart conditions and joint pains. Physical activity helps us spend the energy and makes us feel good, so the message is simple if you feel you are gaining weight, eat less and be more active.

If you have questions on any of the points mentioned above, visit a specialist in your area and if you experience joint pains due to your weight, connect with a good Private Physiotherapist in St John's Wood. For more details, visit www.physiosnearme.com .

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