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Physiotherapy and its role in your life

Physiotherapy is a necessity. Don’t think it’s just meant for high level injuries or solely for sportsmen. It is an important exercise and must be a part of your everyday routine if you are having any pains, cramps over a prolonged period of time. Not just that, a relaxing physiotherapy session meant for targeted areas eases your muscles and rejuvenates your body slowly. Ladbroke Grove London is a great place to book for your physiotherapy sessions, and in this article you will get to know the different kinds of physical therapy used on patients.

What are the kinds of physical therapy?

Physiotherapy is for different kinds of bodies and abnormalities. There’s no one kind of therapy for everybody. A cramp won’t need the same kind of therapy as a torn ligament.

Vestibular therapy: This is specifically for those people suffering from balance and gait problems due to problems in their inner ear. Going for this kind of therapy involves your therapist teaching you several manual techniques to improve your functions.

Neurological physical therapy: This physiotherapeutic treatment is for those suffering from nerve disorders such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, multiple sclerosis and so on. Exercises typical for these disorders involve those that would aid in treating paralysis, enabling muscle movements and improving limb responsiveness.

Wound care therapy: This therapy ensures that a wound in your body receives the blood circulation and oxygen required by it to heal. While most wounds heal with time, there are deeper ones that may look healed, but actually aren’t. You may feel a tingle when you’ve made a wrong move. Compression therapy and physical stimulation maybe used to treat the wound.

Geriatric physical therapy: For older women and men suffering from mobility and nerve disorders like arthritis and even Alzheimer’s, this form of therapy helps restore their mobility and lets them lead a healthier and less painful life.

Phonophoresis: This kind of physical therapy involves the use of ultrasound in strategic places for enhanced application of certain topical drugs like dexamethasone. This is used for anti-inflammatory purposes and increases absorption of the medicine at faster rates.

Cold or ice therapy: Instead of using heat, cold therapy is used for reducing the inflammation and blood flow when the crucial phase of healing takes place. It reduces swelling temporarily and later on heat maybe used to increase mobility.

Iontophoresis: It is also a kind of electric stimulation provided to administer medications. This stimulation helps in pushing through medicines, breaking up mineral deposits and so on. It helps to push these medicines through the skin and then directly into the bloodstream.

Booking a physical therapist at home

If you are not in the physical condition to walk or commute, fear not. Nowadays, you can book your therapist online and enjoy their services without the stress of going out into the pollution and traffic. If you’re looking for physiotherapists near Ladbroke Grove London, www.physiosnearme.com will be of immense help to you. With their quick booking facilities, well-trained physical therapists and numerous clinics all over London including the Ladbroke Garden area, getting relief from pain is just a few steps away now. With such ease in booking for physical trainers, you don’t have to worry about looking for reliable therapists anymore.

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