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How Physiotherapy is helpful in Arthritis?

When a joint is inflamed it becomes stiff, sore, and swollen. As per Private Physiotherapy in Knightsbridge, those who have arthritis may experience so much pain that they find it difficult to carry out day-to-day tasks. A large percentage of people are affected by this condition at some point in their life. Unfortunately, there is no cure for arthritis, but several alternate treatments such as physiotherapy are highly effective in combating its pain and symptoms.

Physiotherapy for Pain

Experienced physiotherapists in Private Physiotherapy clinics in Knightsbridge know how to manage your condition well. They also guide you about the postures or activities that can aggravate pain, so your contribution is to follow the therapist’s instructions well. Your therapist can help you with managing your pain through exercises that will make your body stronger and fit. The best thing about physiotherapy is that you start noticing very good results within no time and there is no need to undergo surgery.

Exercises and arthritis: Depending on your condition your therapist will develop an exercising plan that will help you to recover well. The daily exercising program will include walking, swimming, and other strengthening exercises that you can perform easily. The treatment is planned in a way that your exercising plan is a combination of activity and rest. It assures you can stay active without experiencing much pain.

The range of motion: As per Private Physios Knightsbridge arthritis can make your joints stiff, and it becomes difficult to move which makes even the simplest tasks challenging.

Aerobic/ endurance exercise: Aerobic and endurance exercises are great for heart and lung health. They help in controlling weight if performed regularly – and you stay active.

Strengthening: Strengthening exercises improve muscle strength, and strong muscles can support the joints affected by arthritis.

Stress and Osteoarthritis: Chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis can be very stressful for the patient. Stress, in such a condition, can increase the pain and make it more painful. It is because when you are stressed your body too becomes tense and pain can increase. Stress is known to increase arthritis pain so you should stay strong emotionally too.

Impact of weight

One main cause of osteoarthritis can be excess weight. It won’t be wrong to say that for every pound of weight you gain, your knees get three pounds of added stress. Due to it, the cartilage that cushions the joints can break down so you should control your weight if you want to manage the pain.

If you have arthritis and want to get rid of the pain, contact a physiotherapist in your area. If you are confused on how to find a credible Private Physiotherapist in Knightsbridge visit www.physiosnearme.comwhich is the best platform in London to find good therapists around you.

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