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Physiotherapy for Asthma

The causes of asthma are still not fully known, though genetics and exposure to pollens and pollutants can be one of the major reasons. As per, Private Physiotherapy in Fitzrovia clinic the cases of people who have asthma are on the rise, with almost 7% of the adults living with it. The figure is to rise in times to come with more and more children suffering from it. Asthma impacts the quality of life and reduces the life-expectancy, though, with the advancements in the understanding and treatment of this condition, asthmatics can now enjoy a carefree life.

When a person experiences an asthma attack, the lining of bronchial tubes swell up, and it makes them difficult to breathe properly. As per Private Physiotherapy clinics in Fitzrovia, most inhalers that people use contain relaxing muscle medication to counteract the attack. Though there is no substitute for medication for asthma, there are several physiotherapy exercises that can help to reduce the severity and frequency of attacks.

One of the ways how physiotherapy can help asthma patients is breath retaining. There are several breath retaining techniques that should be learned to prevent and reduce asthma attacks. You should take fewer and smaller breaths, and it will help to reduce the frequency of asthma attacks. The extent varies from person to person but breath is retaining is a widely accepted technique. Asthma reduces the size of airways, which lowers down the free movement of air, this further causes the lungs to hyperinflate and become filled with carbon dioxide. Timing, as well as rhythm, is most important to retain breathing. Lesser and more frequent breaths allow the lungs and air passages to relax more and does not deteriorate the condition. Breathing in through the nose and out the mouth at a slow and calming pace will encourage better airflow. As per Private Physios Fitzrovia, it will lead to better oxygen intake and satisfy the need for oxygen.

Physiotherapy is also helpful in strengthening the body and makes one healthy. When a person is fit, it will reduce the onset of asthma attacks. Most asthmatics avoid physically exerting activities as they fear that activity can induce an asthma attack. It is not the right practice though because the reduced physical activity will reduce the body’s breathing ability and worsens the condition. Taking help from a physiotherapist will build up the strength of the respiratory muscles increase your physical abilities.

If you are asthmatic and are looking for an effective treatment, consult a doctor and Private Physiotherapist in Fitzrovia. Take medical advice from the specialist and start physiotherapy exercises that will gradually reduce the frequency and severity of future attacks.

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