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What to do and what not to do after an Injury?

Treating and rehabilitating injuries is very important, and if a patient takes right steps in response to their injury, it becomes less frustrating for them. People usually do not think of visiting Private Physiotherapy Clinics in Covent Garden and make some mistakes that make their pain worse. The following advice can help them combat pain and come back to normal life as it can be quite life-changing:

RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation):

RICE can help you take care of your injury well, even if the pain is getting worse day by day. It will reduce the inflammation, which will save it from further damage and gradually heal the body.

Rest: It will help to reduce the amount of load and motion in the affected area, the worst thing you can do if you are experiencing pain is to power through it which can turn an easily treatable condition into something that may require months to heal.

Ice: Ice therapy is carried out to cool down the affected area. It is the application of an ice pack or a bag of frozen vegetables that provide some pain relief and leads to the constriction in the surrounding blood vessels that helps to reduce the inflammation. Private Physiotherapy Clinics in Covent Garden advises not to apply heat to the acute injury immediately as it will increase the blood flow to the injured body part and increase the inflammatory response which will further aggravate pain and swelling.

Compression: Compression stands for applying pressure to the area that has been injured by using compression bandage or sports tape. It reduces swelling, increases movement and provides support which increases the healing process.

Elevation: As per Physio Covent Garden, elevation is one of the most effective ways of reducing pain. You need to elevate the affected area above the level of your heart; it reduces the blood flow thus eliminating swelling and inflammation.

Avoid anti-inflammatories for 48 hours after injury:

Inflammation is the natural healing response of the body to the cell damage. While a prolonged inflammatory response can slow down the healing process or cause more damage, but it is an important part of the recovery process. You should not take anti-inflammatories for at least 48 hours of an acute injury no matter how irritated the affected area is. And, instead rely on RICE, because it will inhibit inflammation but will not eliminate it, allowing the immune system to do its job effectively.


You can take over-the-counter drugs to reduce pain as they block the pain signal from affected area to the brain without inhibiting the healing process. Painkillers make the recovery period less painful and allow you to move without much pain.

See a physiotherapist:

Simple injuries can have a long-term negative effect if they are not attended to properly. While RICE is good for mild injuries, a more severe injury may require physiotherapy sessions. So, do not take any risks and visit a physiotherapist around you. For appointments from Physiotherapist in Covent Garden visit www.physiosnearme.com, which is London’s largest platform that connects you with the most credible therapists.

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