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Engaging in sports is great for one’s well-being; it keeps you fit and healthy. Sometimes, however, you might be unfortunate enough to suffer from sports injuries which need to be taken care of. Sometimes if these injuries are not treated quickly and with the necessary professional care required it can lead to increased pain and hinder or complete restriction of certain movements. Most common types of sports injuries are sprains, strains, swollen muscles, knee injuries, fractures, and dislocations. So, if you get hurt, stop playing, because playing on this condition can cause more problems. We have all heard at some point people say – ‘Don’t worry, just run it off, you’ll be fine’, I have some reservations on this advice. If you prefer not to ‘run it off’ but would like to enlist some medical expertise to look at your injury then it could be time to visit a sports injury clinic London, where you will get complete assistance about your condition and how to improve it.

FAQ’s about Sports Injuries and what does a physiotherapist do?

What are the common sports injuries?

Sprains, strains, runner’s knee, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, and back and neck pain are the common sports injuries. The injuries fall into different categories, they are acute and chronic. Acute injuries take place suddenly and cause inflammation, swelling and bruising immediately. Chronic injuries occur over time and pain gets worse when activity is increased.

How long does it take to recover from knee, leg or back pain?

Treatment length often varies depending solely upon the severity of the condition and length of injury. It is good to see a doctor immediately and fix an appointment with a physiotherapist at the earliest. This ensures the injury does not aggravate and it starts to heal early.

What can be done to prevent future injuries?

It is good to consult a physiotherapist near you to get an answer to your queries. After your treatment, it is usually recommended to go for the maintenance program so that the chances of future injuries are reduced considerably.

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