Do you ever experience shoulder pain when lifting an object or when you get up from sleep? Is pain so intense that it is limiting your workouts? Confused whether the pain will go away on its own or if it will stay or need medical intervention? Shoulder pain often starts with a low pinching pain that comes and goes; you may experience it while lifting an object but not always. And when you ignore it, it increases in intensity and frequency. This increase in intensity can occur within a few weeks of the onset.

People usually visit specialists for treatment but most reasons of pain do not show up on X-ray or MRI. And are told the cause of pain can be arthritis or inflammation, they are then advised of some over-the-counter pills that reduce the discomfort. But most effective treatment is Physiotherapy for Shoulder Pain and the results are visible within no time.

Rotator Cuff: People usually experience pain due to the rotator cuff problem and avoid seeing a doctor because they think rotator cuff tear treatment means surgery. What they fail to realize is that medical help is essential as soon as the pain starts because it can save your condition from getting worse.

While one major cause of shoulder pain can be rotator cuff tear but what people do not know is that most cuff tears if diagnosed early do not require surgery. Most doctors do not prefer to perform surgery on small tears and advice physiotherapy that has proven to be highly effective in restoring normal function of the body.

Acromioclavicular joint injuries: The acromioclavicular joint has minimal mobility so the overzealous movements can lead to injury. The mild injury can be a result of the traumatic event such as a sudden fall or wrong posture. Symptoms include neck pain, loss of shoulder strength and a visible bump over the shoulder. The most effective treatment, in this case, is shoulder rehabilitation exercises.

Adhesive capsulitis of shoulder: Also known as frozen shoulder, adhesive capsulitis is a result of long-term immobilization of the shoulder. Regular physiotherapy sessions and at-home exercises can help to reduce the problem and increase mobilization.

Arthritis of the shoulder: Shoulder arthritis is one of the common reasons for severe shoulder pain that can affect your day-to-day life. If the condition is left untreated, it can make the condition worse and the patient may have to suffer from harmful implications. We advise you to see a doctor at the earliest and start physiotherapy to heal the condition.

If nothing seems to have helped, I advise you to start physiotherapy as soon as possible. It is one of the best treatments that show results within a few days. So, whatever the cause of shoulder pain is to visit a therapist nearby and start physiotherapy.

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