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The knee injury is one of the most common sports injuries that take place. The knee is a complex joint with a number of components that can make it vulnerable to injuries. Most of the knee injuries can be treated successfully by adopting simple measures and opting for sports injuries physiotherapy.

What is jumper’s knee?

Running and jumping often leads to a condition called as jumper’s knee in athletes. Typically, gymnasts, dancers, football, basketball and volleyball players are affected the most. If you suffer from this condition, it would be wise to consult a physiotherapist and start the treatment, the earlier the better.

What are possible treatments of knee injury?

Physiotherapists have been trained in using exercising therapy for strengthening muscles and improving the body function. These exercises have been proven scientifically to be most effective in treating knee pains. Your physiotherapist is an expert and can advise the best exercises for you.

Should I be concerned about the post-run soreness?

The most common reason for post-run soreness is muscle injury or DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). It is important to know the difference between a muscle injury and DOMS for ensuring that you do not overlook an injury that can be sports limiting. And, if a muscle injury is suspected, it is recommended to consult a physiotherapist at the earliest.

What is the reason behind post-exercise muscular pain?

Shortly after you begin to exercise, a mix of carbonic and lactic acids builds up in the muscle. These acids are a result of muscle contractions. Pain and fatigue often exist if you have worked out more than usual until the acid level returns to normal.

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