Slipped Disc Physiotherapy

A bulging disc is a spine injury sustained to the intervertebral disc. It can take place in the lower back (lumbar spine), upper or mid back (thoracic spine) or neck (cervical spine). This is commonly referred to as the slipped disc. Slipped disc physiotherapy can be a very effective method for treating the condition.

Frequently asked questions about Spinal Disc

What is a spinal disc?

Spinal discs are the rings which absorb shock and separate the bony vertebral bodies while also allowing for the movement and offering space for the major spinal nerves to exit from the spinal canal. Slipped disc usually presses against the nerve and irritates it. This pinching of the nerve can lead to excessive pain, numbness, cramping and pain in the legs and arms.

What leads to the Bulging disc?

  •        Bulging disc can occur for the following reasons:
  •        Weakness in the annulus
  •        Sudden trauma or pressure that tears annulus fibers
  •        Injury

Improper posture

What are the symptoms of bulging disc?

Bulging disc injury is suspected when you experience excessive pain while sitting, lifting goods, coughing and sneezing.

How is the condition diagnosed?

Your physiotherapist can examine a bulging disc injury and assess on the basis of the history. He/she may also suggest undergoing clinical tests to confirm it and to find if any signs of nerve compression exist. Usually, CT scans and MRI are advised for diagnosis.

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