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Physiotherapy can help you understand what has happened to your joints and can be one of the best therapies to help relax, heal your muscles and tissues and get them to regain the energy that was lost. Physiotherapy also helps a patient get back the mobility that was there before an accident or sports injury. One can get rid of back pain, neck pain, and ligament issues by visiting one of the many Private Physiotherapy Clinics in London. Physiotherapists have many techniques in their skill set but there are some common ones worth taking a look into to. Let’s explore some of these techniques that some of the best Private Physiotherapists in London may adopt to heal a patient.

Heat Therapy

The objective of heat therapy is to help increase the Patient’s blood circulation thereby promoting healing through relaxing and rejuvenating the muscles. It is a great technique to use for stiff joints. There are many advantages of heat therapy:

  • Improves the flexibility of ligaments.
  • Can help to reduce pain.
  • Increases blood circulation.
  • Boosts metabolism and flexibility.
  • Can be used to treats musculoskeletal conditions such as back pain, neck pain, sprain and general muscle stiffness.

Ice Therapy

Ice Therapy is a common and popular technique used by many across the world but it’s not to say that some of best Private Physiotherapists in London also wouldn’t employ this technique. The key is know when ice therapy should be used. It is typically used on acute injuries and to assist in reducing associated swelling which can reduce bleeding into the tissues, in summary, it can assist with the following:

  • Numbing an area to assist in reducing pain.
  • Can reduce swelling.
  • Can lower metabolic activity.


Ultrasound has been used by physiotherapists for many a year now. The key effect of ultrasound is that it can also help reducing swelling which can be particularly effective in assisting the promotion of bone fracture healing. Typically ultrasound treatment is applied between 3-5 minutes. When ultrasound waves pass through the skin it causes vibrations of the local tissue that can assist in a deep heating as well as providing energy into the body to assist in the healing of a patient. Although many specialist Private Physiotherapy Clinics in London will use this technique it is a fairly common therapy which is also used in hospitals and other care practices. Although we only explored a few here there are many techniques available to the modern day Physiotherapist, the key is careful assessment and knowing which technique is to be used when.

It is always extremely important to note that there will never be one therapy to ‘fit all’ and it’s important therefore it is essential a professional assessment is conducted from a registered Physiotherapist, search for one now from our homepage here:

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