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Physiotherapists can help patients with physical difficulties that result from injury, illness, ageing, and disability. They devise and review various treatment plans based on typically manual therapies, electropathy, and therapeutic exercises. They can also take responsibility to promote health and well-being of their patients and provide advice on how injuries can be avoided and how to maintain long-term control. There are a number of specialized ‘branches’ of Physiotherapy, for example –  sports physiotherapy being one of them. It is a specialized physiotherapy which deals with the injuries that are related to people partaking in sporting activity. These injuries are different from everyday injuries and a sports physio London can help the patients deal with the condition effectively.

FAQ’s about Sports Physiotherapy:

Q1). Why choose a Sports Physio London?

Sports physiotherapists have specific skills that can help to maximize your recovery. They ensure patients get moving faster and more effectively.

Q2). What happens during your first visit to a physiotherapist?

During your first visit to your nearest physiotherapist, you will be asked about the details related to your medical history, current pain, and intensity of pain and what aggravates and eases it. How does it impact your daily routine and what would be the expected outcomes of physiotherapy.

Q3). How long does the treatment last?

Physiotherapist studies your condition and will provide a professional estimate of your recovery time. However, everyone is different and so are their healing times. Typically, one physiotherapy session lasts between 30 – 60 minutes and the number of these required can only be determined after a professional assessment.

Q4). Are physiotherapy treatments painful?

In some cases, physiotherapy treatments can be painful but crucially it’s important the motion is returned to your joints and muscles. However, an experienced Physiotherapist will employ techniques to limit any pain.

Q5). What should be done after the treatment?

Some patients continue with home exercises, while others opt for gym programs. It is good to communicate your goals with your specialist Physio so that he can frame a custom program for you.

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