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Out of every 7 on average 1 person is suffering from back pain. According to an estimate, the number is going to increase at such a rapid rate that it is anticipated that by the year 2040 back pain sufferers will be the number one physical disability. There are several reasons for the growing number of people suffering from back pain. To know more on why and how the number of back pain sufferers is on the increase and the back pain therapy clinics in London that can help diagnose and provide treatments read on:

Even though a pain in the back can happen to anyone experts have narrowed down some specific risk factors that can lead to back pain. There are factors which cannot be controlled like aging and genetics, there are others however which we can control – lifestyle, weight, posture, smoking can be significant contributors of back pain.

Causes of Back Pain – An Analysis

Inactive Lifestyle – There is a big chance of development of lower back pain problems for people who have a lethargic lifestyle and for the people who avoid regular exercise or physical activity.

Increase in weight – A person with an excess weight increases pressure on various joints of the body as well as the lower back. This leads to increased chances of seeing back pain symptoms.

Occupational Hazards – Repeated bending and lifting (Construction worker for example), Sitting in a chair for long hours (example: Software developer) or Standing for long hours (Barber for example), are potential occupational hazards that can increase the risk of back pain.

Pregnancy – A pregnant woman can be potentially more vulnerable to back pain development as the ligaments of the pelvic area starts loosening up to prepare the body for delivery and also due to the carrying of extra front body weight.

Smoking – According to many experts of back pain smoking for a long and sustained period of time can lead to occlusion of the arteries which is associated with lower back pain development.

Poor Posture – Improper lifting, especially of heavy loads, the pain from such activity, isn’t always immediately apparent but over time it can cause serious back pain issues. Slouching over a computer or phone are some classic examples of the poor postures which, if prolonged, ultimately lead to back pain. With the ever-increasing number of users of devices and the number or activities be it personal or work related that rely on spending more and more time on devices it’s a cleat and significant contributor to increasing number of back and or neck pain issues.

Genetics – It is proven that there is a genetic similarity in certain types of spinal disorder. Example- Degenerative Disc Disease.

Aging – People over 60 years of age are more likely to have osteoarthritis-related pain. While disc-related disorders are more common in people between 30 to 60 years of age. Neck and back pain is seen in people between the age of 30 or 40 years due to over time wear and tear of the spine.

Therefore, there are certain things which cannot be controlled like aging or genes to avoid back pain. But things are certainly a number of things we can do or adapt to ensure we reduce the risk of back pain, it’s important to be conscious of these to reduce any development of back pain issues and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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