neck pain causes

The pain can start from the most unexpected places…

Its kind of obvious I guess but the number and time people spend on their PCs or Phones is on the up & up and although many are aware the impact this can cause to their bodies or particularly to their neck and/or back what they may not realise is that this may not be the only underlying cause.

See the thing is this when we look at our phones or PCs or Pads we spend an awful lot of time with our necks pointing outwards (and usually down) which is elongating the neck muscles, you may have been even be doing right now without realizing it! This stretching of the neck does stop just there, however, think of our typical day to day activities; when we eat, drive, shower or even when we are just in conversation with someone we can be inclined to stick our neck out a little. Given our heads are pretty heavy objects even if we protrude our head out in the slightest the neck has to support this weight however even a small or protruding the neck and the amount of weight it has to support multiplies (see image above, 2 inches forward and the weight is nearly 3 times as much!).

If you do suffer from neck pain think about this the next time you are doing the everyday things you do and you may be surprised how much your pain could be relieved by simply being conscious of trying not to protrude your neck and keeping a good posture as much as you can…

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