Common Problems

The Common Problems 

There are a whole host of treatments Physiotherapists can expertly administer for a vast array of symptoms the patient maybe suffering, these can include Neurology, Osteoporosis, and Acupuncture disciplines to mention just a few.  Lets take a moment however to look at the most commonly treated problems for Physiotherapists, Musculoskeletal pain - This is typically pain that affects the muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones, two of the most common areas treated are for Back and/or Neck Pain

Physiotherapy Treatment for Back Pain

Back pain is an unusual one, in the sense that it can be random or consistent, it can also tend to affect one area one day and another the other. At times it can be mild yet at other times its intense to the point you either cant stand up or you cant lie down!
We sympathise with you if you are suffering from back pain regardless of how random or consistent it is. In fact the PhysiosNearMe Founders suffered themselves and realised that having access quickly to specialist treatment and of the necessary quality shouldn't be a difficult task in today's world. 
While we would always recommend visiting a specialist Physiotherapist in any event of discomfort pop over to our Blog Section to take a look at some of the exercises that may help you relieve some of your symptoms.
Physiotherapy Treatment for Neck Pain

Neck Pain,  most commonly experienced if your job involves spending extensive hours at a desk or if like many of us we just spend long periods looking down at the phone. 
Its also not uncommon that this pain can lead to migraines and upper back issues also. 
 It goes without saying one should try to adhere to regular breaks and try to resist long periods of being in positions where your neck muscles are being stretched and being continuously worked hard. Pop over to our Blog section and take a look at some of the lesser known exercises that may benefit you and hopefully avoid neck pains translating to migraines, upper back and other discomforts. As always nothing can substitute visiting a specialist Physiotherapist which would always be our No1 advice if you are experiencing any of the symptoms we have mentioned. 
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